l Michael Beyer | Beyer, Stolz & Mai GbR (2012 – 2014)

Marketing & Software Development

Beyer, Stolz & Mai GbR
April 2012 to February 2014
Co-Founder – Marketing & Software Development

Developed and marketed two apps:
– Ranked #1 free iPhone apps in the category Travel
– Ranked #1 paid iPhone and iPad apps in the category Sports
– Over 100,000 downloads with up to 47,000 monthly active users


Monthly Active Users

'Bußgeld Deutschland & EU'

Best Ranking

#1 iPhone ‘Travel’ Free Apps 

#19 iPhone ‘All Categories’ Free Apps

‘Bußgeld Deutschland & EU’ is a concise app that allows users to quickly find out which penalties for speeding and other traffic violations are in place in 35 European countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.

Bußgeld 2013 DE & EU is the universal focal point for fines in traffic on iOS. The app provides all relevant information clearly and in a stylish design.

CHIP Online


Best Ranking

#1 iPhone ‘Sport’ Paid Apps

‘Schonzeiten’ is the go-to app for fishers in Germany, where restrictions apply to fishing during certain periods of the year or where size minima apply to certain species. As these regulations differ across all 16 German states, this app provides a comprehensive overview.

Always up to date: all closed seasons and minimum sizes for 56 fish species in all German federal states can now be queried via app on the water. Very handy!


As we terminated Beyer, Stolz & Mai GbR in February 2014, we stopped offering the apps on Apple’s AppStore.